Graduation: Degrees Conferred for 2011-12

May 14, 2012

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<p style=\"margin-top:15px;\"><span style=\"font-size: 34px; float:left; line-height:100%; margin-right:3px;\">The Department congratulates our newest graduates who were awarded degrees for 2011-12 at commencement ceremonies on May 13.

Go to: PhD Degrees | MS Degrees | Undergraduate Degrees

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<p style=\"margin-top:25px; background:#f4faff; border-top:1px solid silver; border-bottom: 1px solid silver; padding:3px 0px;\" class=\"Bold Color\">
PhD Degrees

Shashidhara Ganjugunte
Advisor: Pankaj Agarwal
Geometric Hitting Sets and Their Variants

Herodotos Herodotou
Advisor: Shivnath Babu
Optimizing Analytical Workloads in Data-Intensive Computing Systems

Yang Liu
Advisor: Alvin Lebeck
Architectures for Memristor-based Storage Structures

Justin Manweiler
Advisor: Romit Roy Choudhury
Building Blocks for Tomorrow\'s Mobile App Store

Amre Shakimov
Advisor: Landon Cox
Basis of Trust in the Online Social Networking Services

Chittaranjan Tripathy
Advisor: Bruce Donald
Analytic Solutions and Algorithms for Protein Structure Determination using Orientational Restraints from NMR Data

Lirong Xia
Advisor: Vincent Conitzer
Computational Voting Theory: Game-Theoretic and Combinatorial Aspects

Jianyang Zeng
Advisor: Bruce Donald
Novel Algorithms for Automated NMR Assignment and Protein Structure Determination

Yi Zhang
Advisor: Jun Yang
RIOT: A framework for I/O-efficient statistical computing

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<p style=\"background:#f4faff; border-top:1px solid silver; border-bottom: 1px solid silver; padding:3px 0px;\" class=\"Bold Color\">MS Degrees

Eduardo Cuervo
Advisor: Landon Cox
CrowdLab: An Architecture for Volunteer Mobile Testbeds

Azbayar Demberel
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
Utility-directed Reflective Control: Dynamic Elasticity for Science Workflows in the Cloud

Fei Dong
Advisor: Shivnath Babu
Extending Starfish to Support the Growing Hadoop Ecosystem

Alexandru Dutu
Advisor: Alvin Lebeck
Diligent Microprocessors

Matthew Fulmer
Advisors: Jeffrey Chase & Julian Lombardi
Massive Live Broadcast of 3D Virtual Events

Prateek Jaipuria
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
Building GENI Authorization with a Distributed Trust Management Framework

Dongtao Liu
Advisor: Landon Cox
Protecting User Privacy in the Mobile and Social Network Era

Gang Luo
Advisor: Shivnath Babu
Processing SQL-like Declarative Queries in a MapReduce Framework

Jun Pang
Advisor: Alvin Lebeck
Architectures for Resonance Energy Transfer Optical Computing

Tianqi Song
Advisor: John Reif
Simulating Stochastic Linear Assemblies

Xixi Wang
Advisor: Shivnath Babu
Declarative Data Stream Analysis on Storm

Jie Xu
Advisor: Uwe Ohler
Discovering RNA-Protein Interaction Sites Spanning an Splice Junction from PAR-CLIP Deep-Sequencing Data

Ke Xu
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
Programmable Packet Service in a Multi-Domain Network Infrastructure

Zihang Yin
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
SafeSets: A cloud-based object store supporting authentication and set operations

Wuzhou Zhang
Advisor: Pankaj Agarwal
Nearest-Neighbor Searching Under Uncertainty

Muzhi Zhao
Advisor: Jeffrey Chase
Share Virtual Appliances and Credentials in the Cloud

Yunjia Zhou
Advisor: Jun Yang
Exploring One-of-the-Few Claims from Data

Xuanran Zong
Advisor: Xiaowei Yang
Predicting Application Performance in the Cloud

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Undergraduate Degrees

First Major
Nicholas Bodnar
Sophia Cao*
David Crowe
Sterling Dorminey
Mallika Dutta
John Egan
Daphne Ezer †††
Alexander Galonsky
Lisa Gutermuth
Charlie Hatcher
Carrie Ho
Javier Hollingsworth
Nathan Klug
Cody Kolodziejzyk
Alexander Kritchevsky
Joseph Levy ††
Patrick Lu
Cameron McCallie
Trevor Narayan
Samuel Paderewski
Andrea Scripa ††
Brent Sodman
Drew Sternesky
Trevor Terris ††
Devon Townsend
Michael Yu
Jordan Zaslav
Second Major
Michael Ansel
Sami Boghos
Scott Brothers
Dennis Chao
Zhuiyang Chen
Siyang Chen ���
Aaron Choi
Shun Fan
Cody Freeman
Hareesh Ganesan
Hui Gao
Julian Genkins ��
Yong-Hui Goh�
Justin Goldsmith
David Herzka
Abhay Jaipuria
Justin Klaassen
John Kline
Daniel Koverman
Lindsay Kubasik
Geoffrey Lawler
Donovan Lee
Marcus Molchany
Catherine Moon
Keunyoung Oh
Vijay Ram
Tanner Schmidt ��
Brian Simel
Heidi Slater
Alex Sloan
Amberly Tenney
Kevin Wang
Grant Warman
Anne Weng
Jiaqi Yan
Junliang Zhu
Alexander Advani
Victoria Arendt
Ben Bellis
Michael Ge
Keshav Himatsingka
Jason Lou
Faith Xu

<p style=\"padding-top:10px; font-size:10px; line-height:130%;\">
† Graduation with Distinction

†† Graduation with High Distinction

††† Graduation with Highest Distinction

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