Bryant Joins Faculty

January 01, 2014

We welcome Robert L. Bryant, Professor of Math and Computer Science, as a secondary professor. Bryant, a North Carolina native, comes to us most recently from the University of California at Berkeley (UCB), but he is not exactly new to Duke, having spent 20 years as a member of the Duke Mathematics Department before spending six years at UCB.

Bryant's research focuses on differential geometry, particularly situations in geometry in which the objects being studied are characterized by special properties that make application of standard techniques problematic, such as metrics with special holonomy, minimal submanifolds in exceptional geometry, and relations with algebraic geometry. He is also interested in classical surface theory and mechanics, particularly in their computational aspects.

Bryant plans to teach courses in geometry at both the undergraduate and graduate level, especially in new areas of geometry such as symplectic geometry and applications of differential systems.

Outside of work, Bryant enjoys reading, music (he serves on Duke's Chamber Arts Society Board), film, hiking and running.