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Chair's Message

Carlo Tomasi, Chair

Welcome to the Fall 2010 Issue of Threads. The electronic version is young, and you may have noticed that we are still tinkering with its format to adapt to the new medium. Please send us your feedback.

As the new chairman of Computer Science, I am grateful to Pankaj Agarwal for leaving me a department in great shape, and we all wish him a productive and reinvigorating sabbatical year.

We had a superlative addition to our faculty last year. Robert Calderbank has joined us from Princeton to become both the new Dean of the Natural Sciences and our colleague in Computer Science. His wife Ingrid Daubechies will join Duke's Mathematics department in January. Welcome to both.

Welcome also to Marilyn Butler -- our new Graduate Program Coordinator -- and to our incoming graduate and undergraduate students.

This issue of Threads is brimming with achievements in research, education, and outreach, and with news about people striving for excellence. My goal as chairman is to ensure that this stays the case in future issues, and I count on your continued efforts to this end.

Happy reading!

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