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Student Publications - Fall 2010

  • Mohammad Mottaghi
    • A Monte-Carlo FRET Simulator for Complex DNA-Chromophore Nanostructures, 7th Annual Conference on Foundations of Nanoscience, FNANO 10.
  • Kyle Roberts
    • Design of Peptide Inhibitors of CFTR-associated Protein CAL, 3Dsig 2010 Conference.
  • Souvik Sen
    • AccuRate: Constellation Aware Rate Estimation in Wireless Networks, USENIX NSDI 2010.
      With Naveen Santhapuri, Romit Roy Choudhury, and Srihari Nelakuditi.
    • CSMA/CN: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Notification, ACM MOBICOM 2010.
      With Romit Roy Choudhury and Srihari Nelakuditi.
    • Listen (on the Frequency Domain) Before You Talk, ACM HOTNETS 2010.
      With Romit Roy Choudhury and Srihari Nelakuditi.
    • Successive Interference Cancellation: A Back-of-the-Envelope Perspective, ACM HOTNETS 2010.
      With Naveen Santhapuri, Romit Roy Choudhury, Srihari Nelakuditi.
  • Gavin Taylor
    • Feature Selection Using Regularization in Approximate Linear Programs for Markov Decision Processes, 27th International Conference on Machine Learning 2010.
      With Marek Petrik, Ronald Parr, and Shlomo Zilberstein
  • Lirong Xia
    • Aggregating Preferences in Multi-Issue Domains by Using Maximum Likelihood Estimators, 9th International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems (AAMAS-10).
      With Vincent Conitzer and Jerome Lang.
    • Possible Winners When New Alternatives Join: New Results Coming Up! 3rd International Workshop on Computational Social Choice (COMSOC-10).
      With Jerome Lang and Jerome Monnot.
    • Strategic Sequential Voting in Multi-Issue Domains and Multiple-Election Paradoxes, 9th Conference on Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory (LOFT-2010)
      With Vincent Conitzer and Jerome Lang.
    • Computational Social Choice: Strategic and Combinatorial Aspects, 24th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-10).
    • Stackelberg Voting Games: Computational Aspects and Paradoxes, 24th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-10).
      With Vincent Conitzer.
    • Compilation Complexity of Common Voting Rules, 24th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-10). With Vincent Conitzer.
    • A Scheduling Approach to Coalitional Manipulation, 11th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC-10).
      With Vincent Conitzer and Ariel D. Procaccia.
  • Yi Zhang
    • I/O-Efficient Statistical Computing with RIOT, 26th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE '10)
  • Ying Zheng
    • On-Line Rule Matching for Event Prediction, International Journal on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB Journal), 2010
  • Xuan Bao
    • MoVi: Mobile Phone Based Video Highlights via Collaborative Sensing, ACM MobiSys.
      With Romit Roy Choudhury.
  • Xuan Bao, Justin Manweiler, and Sen Souvik
    • Sensor Assisted Wireless Communication, IEEE Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN).
      With Romit Roy Chourhury, Naveen Santhapuri, and Srihary Nelakuditi.
  • Ionut Constandache
    • Did You See Bob?: Human Localization Using Mobile Phones, ACM Mobicom 2010.
      With Xuan Bao, Martin Azizyan and Romit Roy Choudhury.
  • Eduardo Cuervo
    • MAUI: Making Smartphones Last Longer with Code Offload, 8th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services (Mobisys 2010).
  • Peter Gilbert
    • TaintDroid: An Information-Flow Tracking System for Realtime Privacy Monitoring on Smartphones, USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2010).
      With William Enck, Byung-Gon Chun, Landon P. Cox, Jaeyeon Jung, Patrick McDaniel, and Anmol N. Sheth.
  • Steve Gu and Ying Zheng
    • Critical Nets and Beta-Stable Features for Image Matching, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2010).
      With Carlo Tomasi.
    • Efficient Visual Object Tracking with Online Nearest Neighbor Classifier, Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV 2010).
      With Carlo Tomasi.
  • Mingyu Guo
    • Computationally Feasible Automated Mechanism Design, Association for the Advancement of Artifical Intelligence (AAAI 2010).
  • Herodotos Herodotou
    • Xplus: A SQL-Tuning-Aware Query Optimizer. 36th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB 2010).
  • Dima Korzhyk
    • Complexity of Computing Optimal Stackelberg Strategies in Security Resource Allocation Games, AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2010).
      With Vincent Conitzer and Ronald Parr
  • Ang Li
    • CloudCmp: Shopping for a Cloud Made Easy, 2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud 2010).
  • Harold Lim
    • Automated Control for Elastic Storage, The 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communications (ICAC 2010).
  • Xin Liu
    • NetFence: Preventing Internet Denial of Service from Inside Out, ACM SIGCOMM, 2010.
  • Yang Liu
    • Routing in Self-Organizing Nano-Scale Irregular Networks, In ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing (JETC), pages 1-21, March 2010.
      With Chris Dwyer and Alvin R. Lebeck.
  • Julian Mason and Gavin Taylor
    • An Intensive Introductory Robotics Course Without Prerequisites AAAI Robotics Exhibition and Workshop 2010.
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