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Staff News - CS Welcomes Marilyn Butler

Marilyn Butler, Graduate Program Coordinator

The Department is pleased to welcome Marilyn Butler, a Duke alum, as our new Graduate Program Coordinator. A founder and long-time manager with the local co-op grocery, Weaver Street Market, Marilyn thrives on the challenges of serving multiple constituencies in a complex organization.

"It's a great match," says Jun Yang, Director of Graduate Studies, "Marilyn's got an impressive mix of people skills and technical skills. With her terrific memory for details and her caring ways, she's just what's needed in a great Grad Program Coordinator."

Marilyn follows in the footsteps of our long-time Grad Program Coordinator, Diane Riggs. "I feel very fortunate to come into a job in which everything is totally organized," Marilyn adds, "with great systems and procedures in place. On top of that, I'm being trained by the person responsible for that - Diane herself! Every day I see more evidence of the commitment, enthusiasm, organizational skills, intelligence, and most of all, heart, that Diane brought to this job over the last 10 years."

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