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Staff News

Congratulations to IT Analyst Joe Guetler, recipient of the 2011-12 Staff Excellence Award.

In January 2011, when Joe arrived in the department, he landed in the middle of an ongoing programming project called "GradCentral." The goal was to create an online system to support graduate students -- and the faculty and staff who work with them -- as they proceed through the key "milestones" of the Master's and PhD degree programs.

Joe first worked with outgoing Graduate Program Coordinator Diane Riggs to understand the components of the process, a complex system of requirements and decisions made by many entities and individuals. The steps in the process had always been tracked and documented on paper. After Diane retired, Joe then fine-tuned the system he produced to replace that paper with her successor Marilyn Butler, and with Professor Jun Yang, who was Director of Graduate Studies throughout the development phase of GradCentral.

All those who have worked with the new system so far give it a hearty "thumbs up," and in recognition of his efforts in creating GradCentral, Joe received the Staff Excellence Award.

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