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Staff News - CS Welcomes Roberta Moore

Roberta Moore
Research Post-Award Compliance Coordinator

The Department is pleased to welcome Roberta Moore as our new Research Post-Award Compliance Coordinator. Her efforts in this new position add much needed capacity in the Department’s research administration office, especially in the post-award area. Roberta brings with her twelve years of experience in research and grants administration. Most recently she worked as Project Manager and Research Analyst in the Duke Psychiatry Department with Dr. Brenda Plassman, managing research on Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Her academic background is in social sciences and gender studies, with graduate work focused on women, labor and economics.

“Boy, am I glad Roberta’s here!” said Jewel Wheeler, CS Admin Manager. “Coordinating compliance for our Department’s research effort and spending is huge. The work takes rare gifts: for numbers, for strategic problem-solving and for harnessing the power of our myriad spreadsheets and tracking tools. Her excellent communications skills and warm, grounded presence make it a pleasure to have her as a colleague.”

When not administering grants, Roberta can often be seen reading a book or watching birds, making music or having fun with her large extended family. She also loves theater, having both acted and directed.

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