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Staff News - CS Welcomes Kathleen Williams

Kathleen Williams
Graduate Program and Department Assitant

The Department is pleased to welcome Kathleen Williams as our new Graduate Program and Department Assistant. “Stepping into the shoes of Gail Smith, who retired after 28 years with Computer Science is a pleasure and an honor,” Kathleen said recently. She should know, having worked with Gail for a number of years in the past - in a former life, Kathleen was the Admin Manager for CS. After thirteen years coordinating administrative operations for a holistic medical practice in Chapel Hill and practicing integrative health coaching, she has returned to the Duke fold, bringing with her all she remembers from her previous experience in the Department, and all she’s learned in the fast-paced, creative world of holistic health.

When not at work, she’s tending her garden and cooking its bounty, walking her dog or taking pictures.

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