Grad Student Profile: Laura Grit

From the Spring 2007 issue of Threads

Laura Grit
Laura E. Grit joined the Department of Computer Science in Fall 2001 after completing her undergraduate degree at Hope College. Grit was valedictorian at her high school; at Hope she was Phi Beta Kappa and a Hope Presidential Scholar. At Duke she is completing her dissertation research in the systems area under the supervision of Jeff Chase. She is funded by a National Physical Science Consortium graduate fellowship. She has interned at Sandia Labs, IBM Research, and HP Labs.

Gritís research deals with dynamic resource management for Internet server utilities, in which network applications are hosted on a shared, distributed pool of servers and storage. Her work focuses on brokering architectures to mediate resource contracts between resource providers and hosted services. Grit is one of the lead architects of the Shirako leasing system described elsewhere in this issue. Shirako brokers implement the policies to arbitrate competing demands and coordinate adaptations to the dynamics of a shared environment, thus brokering is a key building block for a cyberinfrastructure resource economy. Grit is exploring various broker policies for hosted grid systems, adaptive services, and economic resource exchange.

Grit and her collaborators have published several papers in major conferences on operating systems and high-performance computing, and in recent workshops on virtual distributed computing and economics of distributed systems. This semester she has given talks, posters, and demos at IBM, Amazon, OSDI (a leading systems conference), and Supercomputing.

Grit has also received two awards for her leadership in the Department. She has served as graduate student liaison to the faculty, and has assisted with department communications and recruiting activities. This spring she is teaching a course on intellectual property. Her hobbies include stained glass and riding roller coasters.

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