Women in the CS Community

Cassandra Carley

Grad Student

My research interests lie in the areas of computer vision, human-computer interaction, and computational economics/policy. In particular I am interested in sports technology using computer vision, data analysis, and modeling. I'm also interested in social media with its vast quantities of data now available and how we can use this data to create socially responsible software that can tackle socio-economic-political issues.

I love the collaborative nature of academia and I strongly believe it is crucial to diversify CS with people from many different backgrounds in order to collaborate effectively and produce meaningful results. I like being at Duke because the CS department is small, so you can talk to many of the professors and students and learn what other people are doing. Further, every time I walk across campus or see the chapel I am reminded that Duke itself is simply a gorgeous, amazing environment to be in. Also, if you are a sports fan, the electric atmosphere of Cameron Indoor Stadium during the classic Duke-UNC basketball game is unrivaled.

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