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Marisabel Guevara

Grad Student

My research leverages heterogeneity in architectural components to improve a system's energy efficiency, with a focus on data center systems. These components provide lower power alternatives but they also have different performance characteristics, thus the challenge becomes allocating these resources efficiently to improve energy utilization while upholding a service target. We express the problem as an economic market and solve for an optimal allocation of goods to bidders via a mixed integer program.

My research is interdisciplinary, merging architecture and computational economics, and the CS department here allows me access to great advisors and courses in both fields. My advisor is in the ECE department, which points out another benefit of the CS department: there are several professors from other departments who have secondary appointments in CS due to the interdisciplinary nature of their work. For me, CS is a problem solving tool and we often find the most challenging CS problems by working from a real-world problem in a different field. In my spare time, I like playing tennis or some other sport on campus, and I also enjoy going hiking at one of several national parks nearby.

(Marisabel is the president of the Duke ACM-W chapter for 2011/2012.)

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