Women in the CS Community

Xi He

Grad Student

I was always fascinated by data and information. I see my work as discovering buried knowledge and wisdom and then I dream of making a positive difference in people's lives with my findings. The explosion of data and information imposes challenges on us, though, and drives the demand for better data storage, retrieval and analysis tools. I think I can make a difference by pursuing my research in database management and tackling problems in data-intensive systems.

The CS department at Duke has great energy. The faculty are willing to share and teach while we are encouraged to explore and learn. The road of research is definitely full of challenges, but I feel I will be never left alone. I get energy - ideas, inspirations and even food in the department.

While I am not studying or working, I do dance. Physically, dance keeps me fit and healthy, while mentally, it complements the logical thinking style of my work. The music and body movements help me relax and relieve me from stress.

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