Women in the CS Community

Yuxuan Li

Grad Student

I began my PhD at Duke CS department in 2013 and am currently a member of the computer architecture group. I am interested in high performance computing and the software/hardware techniques to facilitate it; my research project focuses on GPGPU related topics.

The faculty, staff and students in CS are very friendly and helpful. I am always able to instantly find who to ask for help and I always get a prompt response.

Have you ever been to Grace Hopper conference? Our department sends a large group of grads and undergrads every year. Here is the message: there are increasing numbers of women joining the computing world and we play a more and more important role in all careers and positions.

I like to travel a lot, and have had the opportunity to attend conferences. Before I came to the US, I mostly traveled by air or railway. But now I have started to do road trips which are interesting and exciting.

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