Women in the CS Community

Reem Mokhtar

Grad Student

I am interested in DNA nanorobotics and DNA self-assembly in general. This involves designing and running experiments on nanorobotic devices composed of DNA strands that, for example, can perform specific tasks, such as walking or carrying cargo. In addition, it also involves analyzing the properties and mechanism of DNA self-assembly.

My dream is to create a research institute in Saudi Arabia that would help in advancing women's careers and roles, spark more collaboration and cooperation between male and female researchers, and accelerate the progress and contribution of research there.

Since I arrived at Duke, I have gotten solid guidance and support from the faculty, from community and social events, and from the administrative staff. I have felt especially encouraged and supported, especially as a minority. When I can get away from my work, I play tennis, read, SCUBA dive (when I can get to a dive site), snorkel, and work on my beginning/conversational French.

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