Research Profiles

Virtual Embodiment
Research by Tabitha Peck
Summer 2013
Statistical Privacy
Research by Ashwin Machanavajjhala
Fall 2012
Image and Video Processing and Analysis
Research by Guillermo Sapiro
Fall 2012
DNA Self-Assembly and Molecular Programming
Research by John Reif
Spring 2012
Expanding the Domain of Computing
Research by Chris Dwyer
Fall 2011
Computational Exploration of Cells and Genomes
Research by Alex Hartemink
Fall 2011
Designing an HIV Vaccine
Research by Scott Schmidler
Spring 2011
Accountability in Cyberspace
Research by Xiaowei Yang
Spring 2011
Picture-Perfect Collaboration »
Research by Robert Calderbank
Fall 2010
A Rising Star(fish) brings Hadoop to the Masses»
Research by Shivnath Babu
Fall 2010
Software Dramatically Speeds Enzyme Design »
Research by the Donald Lab
Fall 2009
Building the Right System »
Research by Bruce Maggs
Fall 2009
In Search of a Simple Solution »
Research by Kamesh Munagala
Spring 2009
IBM-Duke CS Collaboration: A Win-Win Partnership »
Spring 2009

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