Systems and Architecture Group

Our highly regarded systems and architecture research group works on high-impact problems related to providing users with advanced computing and networking support as the Internet continues to permeate our daily lives. The group covers topics ranging from Internet-based services to ad hoc wireless networks, from massive data storage centers to tiny sensor nodes, from dataflow within hardware components to data monitoring and dissemination across the Internet, and from security to energy efficiency. One major area of research investigates techniques for building large-scale distributed services that dynamically adapt to widely varying network and user access characteristics in order to deliver peak levels of performance and reliability.

The group has been at the forefront of the fundamental aspects of high-impact, innovative research into defining the foundations of wide-area computing, cluster and self-managing systems, networked data processing, cooperative management of the memory hierarchy, energy-aware computing, wireless sensor networks, high-speed network-based data storage, and nano-scale computer architectures.

Research Projects

Computer Architecture: hardware based on self-assembly of nanoscale technologies, reliable computer systems, multithreaded architectures, energy-efficient systems, and parallel and distributed architectures.


Databases: software systems designed for data collection, management, analysis, dissemination, and their applications

Ubiquitous Computing: systems designed for mobility, energy efficiency, wireless networking, sensor networks, and pervasive computing.

Operating Systems and Distributed Systems: software systems designed for distributed computing, networking, reliability, self-management, and security