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The Durham RoboCupJunior Regional Competition will be held in the Levine Science Research Center on the campus of Duke University from 8:30am-3:00pm on April 2, 2011. This page contains information and links for potential participants.


The competition will be composed of three events:
  1. Dance (Performance): This entry-level event involves having a robot dance to music selected by the team. Robots must be controlled autonomously, but human team members may perform alongside their robots. Costumes for robots and human performers are encouraged. [RULES]

  2. Rescue A & B: A timed event where one robot competes at a time following a black line on a white background through a simulated disaster scenario. Robots navigate around debris and must detect victims made of green tape or aluminum foil. Accurate control of the robot based on light sensor readings is essential. [RULES for Version A & B ]

  3. Soccer (Version A): 2 on 2 teams of autonomous mobile robots track and push a special infrared light-emiiting ball in an enclosed, landmarked field. [RULES]


Friday7:00pm-9:00Calibration and TestingD106 LSRC
Saturday8:45-9:00RegistrationHall of Science
9:00-11:00 TestingTBA
11:00-12:00 Competition Phase 1TBA
12:00-1:00 LunchHall of Science
1:00-2:30 Competition Phase 2TBA
2:30-3:00 AwardsLove Auditorium/B101 LSRC


Prof. Jeff Forbes, Program Director, forbes AT cs.duke.edu
Brook Osborne, Program Manager, rbo AT duke.edu
Duke University
Dept. of Computer Science

Please send email with any questions or comments.

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