Alvin R. Lebeck

Professor of Computer Science

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Hello web surfers, welcome to my corner of the internet. I perform research and teach in the general area of computer architecture, but I have interests in nearly all computer systems related topics.

Research Interests

Architectures for Emerging Technolgies: DNA self-assembled systems, self-organizing systems, defect-tolerance, nanophotonics.

Multicore/multiprocessor systems: Cache coherence protocols, memory consistency, runtime systems to expose and exploit parallelism.

Memory Systems: General aspects of memory hierarchies such as cache design, prefetching, latency tolerance, etc.

Energy Efficient Computing: Processor and memory design, operating system support.

Potential Students

I am always looking for talented students to work with at all levels: undergraduate, MS, and PhD.  Students currently at Duke, please contact me if you have interest in computer architecture or computer systems in general.   For students applying to Duke, please be sure you read at least two of my papers related to your interest before you contact me. It is unlikely that I will contact you before admissions decisions are made.  Further, I cannot make any comments on likelihood of admission to the PhD program. See the CS web site for prospective graduate students for more information.

Curriculum Vitae