Fall 2010

Deutschkurs 1B: Beginner's German (November)

Spring 2010

MATH 267: Differential Geometry
   instructor: Mark A. Stern

Fall 2009

Deutschkurs 1A: Beginner's German (September)

spring 2009

MATH 261: Algebraic Topology I
   instructor: William L. Pardon
CPS 210: Operating Systems
   instructor: Jeffrey S. Chase
   course project: analysis of parallel code
CPS 102: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (co-teaching)

fall 2008

MATH 205: Computational Topology
   instructor: John Harer
CPS 296.1: Parallel Computation and Programming
   instructor: Xiaobai Sun
   final presentation: parallel persistence
   project: code documentation

spring 2008

Computational Geometry (at UNC)
   instructor: Jack Snoeyink
   course project: unfolding polyhedra
CPS 250: Numerical Analysis
   instructor: Xiaobai Sun
CPS 1: Principles of Computer Science (Teaching Assistant)

fall 2007

CPS 271: Machine Learning
   instructor: Ronald Parr
   course project: online gradient descent
CPS 230: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
   instructor: Kamesh Munagala
CPS 216: Advanced Database Systems
   instructor: Shivnath Babu
   course project: dynamic concurrency control
   12/05/07 project presentation