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Background Information

I’m a grad student in the Department of Computer Science at Duke University. My research interests are in the area of database systems and big data computing. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University in 2011. I was an exchange student at National University of Singapore in 2010.  



Running TPC-H On Pig

For a project of class CPS 216, we developed a whole set of Pig scripts for TPC-H. Our goals are:

1) identifying the bottlenecks of Pig's performance especially of its relational operators,

2) studying how to write efficient scripts by making full use of Pig Latin's features,

3) comparing with Hive's TPC-H results for verifying both 1) and 2).

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Courses at Duke

(2011 Fall)

CPS 216 Data-intensive Computing Systems

CPS 300 Introduction to Graduate Study

GS 321A Academic Writing II

GS 321B Academic Presentations

CPS 230 Algorithms (Passed Qual Exam)

CPS 270 Artificial Intelligence (Passed Qual Exam)