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Welcome, Alumni!

Want to find more than 160,000 Duke alumni in one place? Visit the Duke Alumni Association. The site lets you search for classmates, view alumni profiles, join groups, and sign up for alumni events around the world. You can also share your LinkedIn profiles with Duke, ensuring your classmates have up-to-date information on your professional skills and accomplishments.  Make sure to visit the Department of Computer Science alumni group in the Duke Alumni site.

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Connect with students:

  • Current Duke students have limited access to alumni information via the Duke Alumni Association website and you can opt to be  contactable by students by updating your profile. You can make your profile more searchable by checking the “contact me about” box - indicating you have more of a willingness to be contacted.  You can also seek out or volunteer to be a mentor.
  • Ask a Blue Devil is an AI driven tool to ask questions of and answer questions from students and other alumni.
  • Get involved directly with the department - be a mentor, give a talk, provide an internship, sponsor a student attending a conference - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  Contact Amy Peters at amy.peters at to talk about your ideas.