Checklist for closing your account

This document describes the steps a user should take before their CS computer account is closed.

  • Please archive any files that you need to keep by copying them to storage media (disk, tape, CD, DVD, etc) or to another computer system before the closing date of your account.
  • If you have subscribed to any e-mailing lists through your CS account, please be sure to change your subscriptions or unsubscribe from these lists before your account is closed.
  • If you have created files outside of your home directory (e.g. project or temporary space), please arrange for these files to either be deleted or have their ownership changed.
  • If you have an e-mail forwarding address, please add it to a file named forward-email in the top level of your home directory, and the Lab Staff will arrange that anyone who sends e-mail to your CS account will receive a notification of your forwarding address.
  • Please clean out your e-mail Inbox.

If you have any questions about closing your account or copying your files prior to closing, please contact the Lab Staff.