D106 LSRC Multimedia Classroom

Room D106 must be reserved prior to use. Session recording can be requested by sending email to schedule@cs.duke.edu.

This room is equiped with a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, which displays to a 10-foot wide screen mounted at the front of the classroom (the switch to raise and lower the screen is located on the back wall of the classroom). The projector can accept input from both Macintosh and IBM-compatible PC's. The classroom is also equiped with audio speakers to provide full stereo sound during presentations.

There are video and audio ports located at the front of the classroom to which a computer can be connected to send output to the projector and speakers. An ethernet port is available to provide access to the internet via DHCP.

A control panel for the projector is located in the front of the classroom to the right of the projector screen. The COM button toggles the input to the projector from one of two computer channels. If a computer is connected to the video input in the front of the classroom, the projector will autosense the connection and accept input from that computer. If no computer is present, the display will default to the PC. If the display does not switch to the computer after connecting the video input, try the autoselect button, labeled *, to adjust the display to the currect computer.

During normal office hours, the department lab staff is available to provide help in setting up and troubleshooting any problems with the equipment in D106.

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  • Send email to schedule@cs.duke.edu