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Listed below are the various proprietary software packages that are on the C.S. departmental network, available for all faculty, staff, and students. On Linux machines available packages will be located in /usr/pkg, but the executables will be linked to /usr/local/bin; this directory is included by default in the departmental dotfiles.

Adobe Acrobat

The Acrobat package includes Acrobat Distiller, Acrobat Exchange, and Acrobat Reader. The Distiller program creates PDF (Portable Document Format) documents from PostScript. The Exchange program lets you view and modify PDF documents. The Reader program is a PDF viewer.

Executables: distill, acroexch, acroread
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Adobe Photoshop

Create original artwork, correct and retouch color or black-and-white scanned images and prepare high-quality color separations and output. A complete paint, professional prepress, and darkroom system.

Executable: photoshop
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Cplex is a mathematical package for solving linear-programming problems. It includes a C-level interface and a command-line scripting interface. It is one of the most popular and robust packages out there and handles very large linear programs.

Executable: cplex


ECLiPSe is a development environment for constraint programming applications. It contains several constraint solver libraries which allow to develop efficient programs to solve combinatorial problems in planing, scheduling, resource allocation, timetabling, transport as well as in other areas like e.g. molecular biology.

Executable: eclipse
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License Manager. Only available for root user.


An X-based utility for converting fonts from PFA and PFB formats to the binary bitmap form needed for display by FrameMaker. Fontmaker can also be used to download such fonts to a PostScript printer by converting the fonts to PostScript jobs (ie, files or data streams).

Executable: fontmaker
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HARK Recognizer

A commercially proven, open, client/server-based speech recognition system. It supports active vocabularies that are scalable to more than 10,000 words.

Executable: hanalyze
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Easy-to-use word processing, desktop publishing, presentation graphics and spreadsheet applications are used worldwide by UNIX workstation users such as engineers, managers and marketing & administrative staff to create letters, memos, reports, newsletters and presentations.

Executables: IslandDraw, IslandPaint, IslandCalc, IslandWrite
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A comprehensive problem-solving system that supports a wide variety of powerful mathematical operations such as symbolic analysis, numerical analysis, and graphics. Features a complete programming language that uses syntax similar to that of BASIC, Fortran, Pascal or C. Now available on both SPARC and Intel (x86) architectures.

Executables: maple, xmaple
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A fully integrated environment for technical computing.

Executables: math, mathematica
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An integrated technical computing environment for high-performance mathematical computation, matrix computation, advanced graphics and visualization.

Information on installing Matlab on your PC.

Executables: matlab, mcc, mex
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Quintus Prolog

A high-level, programming language and development environment. Its key strengths are in the areas of reasoning, natural language processing, meta programming, pattern matching and database interfacing.

Executable: prolog
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Rational Rose

A software-engineering tool that allows users to graphically develop, verify, and document the analysis and design model of their software. Rational Rose makes modeling accessible to nonprogrammers wanting to model business processes as well as to programmers modeling applications logic.

Executable: analyzer
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Splus is an interpreted language that is designed to manipulate and display statistical data. It deals with matrices very nicely and has built-in functions for running certain kinds of statistical tests. It has some nice functionality for creating graphical output either to a postscript file or to an X server.

Executable: Splus
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Stanford GraphBase

A collection of programs and datasets which generate and manipulate graphs and networks. This package is the work of Donald Knuth at Stanford University, and the most recent version of this software is always available by anonymous ftp from the Computer Science Department at Stanford.

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An office suite program with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program and more. Is compatible with files produced by other office suite programs, including Microsoft Office. Requires setup program.

Setup: staroffice_setup
Executable: soffice
Visit Duke site license page.

Stanford SUIF

A collection of programs and libraries, mostly written in C++, that allow researchers to investigate issues in scalar and parallel optimization.

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Template Graphics Software

OpenGL and Open Inventor, used for 3D graphics delevopment.

Executables: runogl, runoiv
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VHDL compiler

No additional information available.

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