Zoom Room D106 Usage

Room D106 is configured as a Zoom Room; this provides added functionality for creating and joining meetings for classes. 


  • You are scheduled to be in D106 and want to use it for Zoom Room or,
  • you are presently in D106 and want to add Zoom Room D106 to your scheduled Zoom meeting or,
  • you want to start a Zoom Room meeting in D106 immediately.

The Zoom Room iPad controller is maintained by CS Lab Staff and able to be picked up for use from D135. It is already setup and paired and shouldn't require much, if any, configuration from you.

There are two, primary ways to schedule meetings, either via Zoom or via Outlook. More info on scheduling via Zoom is here: Scheduling meetings in Zoom Rooms with Outlook – Zoom Help Center
and general Zoom Room room control usage here: ZR_User-Guide.pdf (brandfolder.io)

A. Install the Zoom add-in for Outlook

  • Best method

  1. Open desktop-application version of Outlook
  2. Go to "Get Add-Ins":
    1. get addins
  3. Search for and select "Zoom for Outlook" (shown in screenshot). Click "Add" on the next popup window
    1. zoom selection
  4. This will install Zoom plugin on your desktop Outlook and should install it for your web Outlook at mail.duke.edu, via sync.
  5. Alternative: If you want to use only the web interface, you should be able to install the Zoom plugin via web-version of Outlook, but in a specific manner: 
    1. Go to Outlook on the web (mail.duke.edu)
    2. Go to Calendar
    3. Create a New Event
    4. In the upper right portion of window of the New Event creation window, select "Get Add-Ins":
      1. outlook for web
    5. Similar to above in Best method, search for Zoom for Outlook and install. This should sync to your desktop Outlook if it is setup with your NetID.
      Note: you can't use the Microsoft Marketplace or Office Store with your @duke.edu account to install this from the web, restrictions disallow it.
  • Less preferred

  1. Download and install the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook: https://zoom.us/download


B. Screen and Desktop Setup (for all situations)

  1. Start projector and lower screen.
  2. Ensure the desktop computer in D106 is running - you should see a Windows desktop when the projector turns on.
    1. If it isn't on, please contact CS Lab Staff.
  3. Double-click on "Start Zoom Rooms" icon on desktop. This should take you to a landing that shows "Tap Controller to Start" or similar, with a Sharing Key in upper right and "LSRC D106" in upper left.
    1. If this isn't displayed, this indicates something is probably down. Contact CS Lab Staff.


C. Scheduling D106  for meeting prior to arrival, with Zoom plugin added to Outlook (Most Recommended)

     Example case: You want to use D106 as a Zoom Room for prior-scheduled class time

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to Calendar
  3. On upper toolbar, click "Add Zoom Meeting", then "Invite Attendees":
    1. If you don't see this, ensure you are using the Outlook (e.g. not Thunderbird, etc.) and you installed the Zoom plugin from Step B.
      1. toolbar
    2. This will populate the email body with Zoom meeting information based on your Zoom plugin settings
      1. One setting you might consider is the meeting ID generated. The default here is to generate a new meeting ID every meeting, however you can set it up to use your personal meeting ID for every meeting so people can just keep using the same link. 
  4. On same toolbar, click "Invite Attendees" 
  5. Add "D106 LSRC" to Required Attendees (auto-suggest while typing should bring up the correct room)
    1. filled out
  6. Set up rest of meeting and time as needed. 
  7. This will reserve D106 for your use for time selected
  8. You will be able to start your meeting from your laptop's Zoom application by clicking "Start" as you normally would or if set, have meeting start automatically based on scheduled start time Zoom Room  D106 will automatically join and you will be the Host.
    1. Additionally, the Zoom Room iPad will be able to control  to D106's settings.


D. Adding Zoom Room D106 to your scheduled meeting

    Example case: Started a Zoom meeting, either scheduled or immediate, and want to join D106 to it immediately

  1. To join D106 to your already in-session meeting but, invite D106 into your meeting as you would a person.
  2. Or, on the iPad room controller, go to "Join" on left hand side bar and enter meeting ID.

E. Creating an immediate meeting or soon to be scheduled in Zoom Room and allowing others to join to it

    Example case: You didn't schedule Zoom meeting prior to this, and might not have your laptop handy to create a meeting. You are in D106 and you just want to start a meeting.

  1. Perform step B and C. 
  2. If you are meeting immediately, on the iPad, click "Meet Now" and go to step 6., otherwise continue.
  3. Rather than choose Room Controller, go to Scheduling Display (under "Settings").
  4. Schedule your meeting and set its options.
  5. Meeting will start in accordance with your time and options set
  6. The meeting will be at this link, by default (give this to whoever needs to join the Zoom Room):  https://duke.zoom.us/j/5175246930
  7. For security purposes, you will probably have to admit most people via the iPad room controller. 


F. Sharing to Zoom Room D106

    Example case: You or a student wants to share something that will be displayed on projector screen, e.g. presentations slides, video, window screen.

  1. Click on green "Share button" on iPad.
    1.  controller screen


  2. A windows like the one below in screenshot will show up. Choose method and follow respective instructions to share the media. 
    1. sharing


G. Troubleshooting

  1. If you see this screen on the iPad, ensure you have started Zoom Rooms application on the D106 desktop computer, then hit "Retry"
    1. error
  2. If you started a meeting using D106 as Zoom Room and people are "unable to join", check the iPad controller under Participants and see if you need to admit them.