Installing a Network Printer

When printing from UNIX, certain printer features such as duplex and tray, are selectable via the printer name. This is not possible when printing from Windows. To select these features from Windows, select the printer, then edit the Configuration and Preferences; make sure that appropriate features of the printer are enabled. Then select these features when printing each document. You can set defaults, and then feature selection will only be necessary when you don't want the defaults.

Before you start, you should visit the CS printer list and note the IP addresses and hostname of the printers you want to install and download the necessary drivers.

Windows 10

  1. Use the "Windows key + I" shortcut on your keyboard. This brings up the Windows Settings window.
  2. Click on Devices --> Printers & Scanners --> Add a printer or scanner.
  3. Windows will search the network for available printers and list them as they are discovered. If you have the hostname of the printer you want to install, simply double-click on the printer name. If Windows does not have a driver available for the printer, you will be prompted for a driver.

    If you just can't wait, or the printer you are interested in was not listed, you can select "The printer that I want isn't listed." This will allow you to specify the hostname of the printer you are trying to install. You should be able to complete the install from this point.

  4. You will be prompted to rename the printer, enable sharing and set the printer as the default system printer. It is recommended that you do not share the printer.

Windows 10 ships with many printer drivers. If you encounter problems printing, please download the latest drivers from the vendor and install them before reporting issues. Usually the PCL6 drivers work the best.

Printer Drivers

A list of printers and copiers, and links to their drivers, is available in the department is available on the Facilities printer list.

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