Wireless Access

The CS department does not maintain a wireless network; Duke OIT provides wireless connectivity within our buildings and across campus. Users must register their wireless hardware address with OIT in order to gain network access.

  • General information about the Duke wireless network is available at: https://oit.duke.edu/what-we-do/services/wireless-network
  • Users with Duke NetIDs can manage their own wireless registration at the Duke Network Registration System page (https://dukereg.duke.edu). Registration is completed within minutes, allowing the user near-immediate access.
  • For guest registration (for visiting scholars or conference attendees) faculty can use this page to register machines for a temporary time. Please note that it is up to the individual to manage and delete accounts when necessary.
  • For conferences where multiple registrations are required, the Lab Staff can handle registrations, if the individual hardware addresses are known in advance. Please contact the Lab Staff for more details.