Critical Services

Critical Services

Critical services are essential to the daily activities of the department. Since many basic services depend on the correct functioning of a critical service, its absence impacts a large portion of the department, leaving little or no recourse except for the restoration of the service. These services have the highest priority and most urgency (shortest response time).



Notification:Request queue, pager(off hours)

Response:30 min work-hours/3 hours off-hours

When high priority events occur, usually all other services will be on hold until a resolution is in sight.

At the discretion of those directly involved, late-night calls may be postponed until the next morning provided that no additional damage will be incurred and that the postponement will not adversely affect the working situation the following morning. Examples include: physical disaster (fire, flood) intra-network connectivity, and building network connection to DukeNet.


Included services

  • Routing and switching
  • Integrity of physical wiring
  • Department email delivery
  • Physical security of departmental machines
  • Domain name service (DNS)
  • Network file-systems (NFS)
  • Network information service (NIS)