CSL: Policies: Computer Use Policy

Computing Facilities Usage Policy
Department of Computer Science
Duke University

In this document, the term "computing facilities" refers to: computers, network infrastructure, modems, printers, software programs, access to external networks, etc.

Much of this policy is excerpted from the Duke Office of Information Technology's ``Computing and Networking: Acceptable Use'' policy document. C.S. computing facilities should be used in accordance with current campus policies as well as C.S. departmental policies stated below.

Violation of any of these policies can result in revocation of your access to C.S. computing facilities and other disciplinary actions.

Please keep in mind that using a computer does not absolve you of any of your responsibilities to behave in a civil and legal manner. When you are using C.S. computing facilities, you are not allowed to harass others or violate laws. Abusing or harassing anyone, on campus or off, via e-mail, news, or any other use of C.S. computing facilities is not allowed.

Sharing your account or your account password with anyone is not allowed.

Interfering with others' use of computing facilities, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to computer or network systems inside or outside of C.S., is not allowed.

Unauthorized reading of others' electronic mail or files, or forging an electronic message so that it appears to come from someone else who has not authorized it, is not allowed.

Use of your C.S. account and of C.S. facilities should be restricted to the purposes for which the account was granted. For example, if the account was issued for activities related to a particular course (student, UTA, etc.), then the account should only be used as needed for those activities. Any other uses are not allowed.

Use of C.S. computing facilities should be in accordance with the stated purpose of particular facilities. Examples: If a computer is designated as a "login server", it should not be used for compute-intensive jobs. Facilities purchased as part of a particular research grant should be restricted to activities related to that research, subject to the discretion of the grantees. Facilities such as printers and scanners should only be used for C.S. related activities and activities directly related to the purpose of your account.

Commercial use of C.S. computing facilities is not permitted without the express prior written permission of the C.S. department.

Mailing lists and newsgroups are created for specific purposes. Be careful not to post off-topic messages and especially be sure not to post messages to newsgroups or mailing lists of courses you are not a member of.