CSL: Requests

These links can be used to report a problem within the Department of Computer Science computer systems. Please see the Questions page for information about general configuration and other How To-type questions.

Please be as detailed as possible in your problem reports so that the CSL staff can easily understand and/or duplicate and diagnose your problem or request.

When contacting the Lab Staff by email a unique ID will be generated for each problem ticket; this ID will be included in all email in the Subject line of the email. An example of this is shown below:

Subject: [Duke CS Request #20788] Can't send email

Please make sure to keep this Subject line in all follow-up messages concerning that specific problem.

You may submit a problem request in one of the following ways:

Email request@cs.duke.edu
Contacting the Lab Staff through email is the preferred method. An automatic reply will be sent, confirming that the request has been entered into our problem queue. A Lab Staff member should promptly respond, unless there is a system-wide problem that requires their immediate attention.
Online CSL Request Form
This web form can be used in place of sending email, for example if you are having a problem with your email. The Lab Staff will attempt followup communication via email, or if that is not working will contact you directly.
CS Lab Emergency Pager (local access only)
Critical problems occuring on weekends and after normal business hours can be reported to the lab pager; please use this judiciously. The link above provides detailed information about using the pager; as such it is restricted to access from within the Duke network.