Shaping Up Computer History: The Remarkable Story of Women Programming Pioneers

Special Event
Speaker Name
Kathy Kleiman
Date and Time
French Science, Room 2231
No RSVP is required. Light snacks at 6:15 right before the event. Bring your own water bottle.

Join Kathy Kleiman, Historian and Internet Attorney, for a screening of her award-winning film, "The Computers." With 1940s movietone footage and exclusive interviews, this documentary traces the story of six remarkable women who taught themselves to program the ENIAC, the world's first all-electronic programmable computer, without books (as none existed) as part of a secret WWII program. While the program became world famous, the women were never recognized and were overlooked for decades.

After the screening, Kathy will hold a Q&A session to discuss the film and her many years of friendship with these invisible programming pioneers.

Susan Rodger