Chisel Bootcamp

Special Event
Date and Time
Nello L. Teer Building Room 203, 110 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27710

Attend this two-day Chisel Bootcamp and learn how to design hardware with a highly productive and parameterizable Scala-embedded hardware description language, Chisel, from the University of California-Berkeley experts. Registration is closed, as we have reached the maximum number of attendees that we can accommodate.

CHISEL BOOTCAMP  DAY 1 - Chisel          Friday 9/6/2019  9am-5:30pm

Chisel is a Scala-embedded hardware description language developed at UC Berkeley. This bootcamp will get you up to speed on Chisel and show you how to design simple hardware using Chisel.

Friday presenter:  Chick Markley

(8:30am  Installing Bootcamp Essentials) 

9:00am  Intro to Chisel & the Bootcamp

9:15am  Intro to Scala

10:00am  Combinational Logic

11:00am  Control Flow & Sequential Logic

12:00pm  DSP Example

12:30pm  Lunch (Provided - please email Lisa Wu Wills to indicate any dietary restrictions)

1:30pm  Parameters

2:30pm  Functions

3:30pm  Types and More

4:30pm  Further Topics

5:00pm  Saturday Session Preview

CHISEL BOOTCAMP  DAY 2 - RocketChip Generator          Saturday 9/7/2019  9am-12pm

RocketChip Generator is an open-source RISC-V SoC generator written in Chisel and developed at UC Berkeley. This session will show you how the Chisel and RocketChip toolchains can be used to design, simulate, and deploy custom hardware. We will walk through a simple design example of a custom accelerator and how it is integrated into the RocketChip ecosystem.

Saturday Presenters: Albert Ou, Jerry Zhao, and Sagar Karandikar



Short Biography

The Chisel Bootcamp is hosted by Duke University Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering Lisa Wu Wills, of the APEX Lab @ Duke. The goal of the APEX Lab @ Duke is to provide research scientists within and outside of the computer science/engineering discipline with systems to accelerate how they do research analysis. We want to make designing, deploying, and using custom hardware orders of magnitude simpler while demonstrating application-driven programmable hardware accelerated systems that are orders of magnitude more efficient.


Lisa Wu Wills, APEX Lab @ Duke