ADT 2019: The 6th International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory

Special Event
Date and Time
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

A three-day conference from Friday, Oct. 25 – Sunday, Oct. 27, the ADT 2019 focus is on algorithmic decision theory broadly defined, seeking to bring together researchers and practitioners coming from diverse areas of Computer Science, Economics and Operations Research in order to improve the theory and practice of modern decision support. The conference topics include research in Algorithms, Argumentation Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Social Choice, Database Systems, Decision Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Game Theory, Machine Learning, Matching, Multi-agent Systems, Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, Networks, Optimization, Risk Management, and Utility Theory.

ADT 2019 provides a multi-disciplinary forum for sharing knowledge in this area with a special focus on algorithmic issues in Decision Theory, continuing the tradition of the first five International Conferences on Algorithmic Decision Theory (ADT 2009 Venice, ADT 2011 Rutgers, ADT 2013 Brussels, ADT 2015 Lexington, ADT 2017 Luxembourg), which brought together researchers and practitioners from diverse areas of computer science, economics, and operations research from around the globe.

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Fuqua School of Business and Computer Science, Duke University