Manta: Privacy Preserving Blockchain Platform for DeFi and More

Systems and Networking Seminar
Speaker Name
Shumo Chu
Date and Time
The talk will be virtual on Zoom.

In this talk, I am going to introduce Manta, the privacy preserving blockchain platform for DeFi. Manta solves the pseudo-anonymity problem of permissionless blockchain systems by putting privacy guarantee in the design principles. The core technique that Manta uses is zkSNARK, a zero-knowledge proof system that can verify any NP-statement efficiently with zero-knowledge. Currently, Manta has two parts, a decentralized anonymous payment layer that supports minting public tokens to private tokens, and a decentralized anonymous exchange layer that support exchanging tokens using AMM. I will cover the architecture, design choices, as well as the future vision of this project and hopefully to arise interesting discussions.

Short Biography

Shumo Chu is an assistant professor at UCSB.

Danyang Zhuo