Self-Care is an Act of Resistance

Identity & Computing Lecture Series
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Dr. Elizabeth Joy
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Now more than ever, we know the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Thankfully, individuals like you have stepped up to help make a difference. While your efforts are valued and are critical to achieving a better world, will the world be better if you aren’t?

This session will explore the difficulties of being a passionate social justice advocate while maintaining well-being. You will gain insight regarding how and why we should avoid martyrdom and live a lifestyle of embodied self-care.

Short Biography

Dr. Elizabeth Joy is a human behavior and business expert who lends her leadership in various initiatives and organizations beyond her own to improve individual, organizational, and societal outcomes. She provides consultive and advisory guidance to numerous entities and high-profile individuals to enhance performance by providing solutions designed to account for individual needs while solving organizational and societal problems.

Elizabeth designed and launched The Joy Society Community for professionals, leaders, and business owners who aspire to her coaching clients' success levels. The coaching, workshops, and self-paced learning modules offered in this virtual community disrupt professional development by acknowledging and addressing the intersection of work and life. Dr. Joy's work centers on reimagining and redefining success as a lifestyle of holistic well-being that facilitates self-actualization.

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