All Courses Taught

89S First-Year Seminar
92L Technical and Social Analysis of Information and the Internet
94 Programming and Problem Solving.
101L Introduction to Computer Science
102S Constructing Immersive Virtual Worlds
103L Computing and the Brain.
107 Complex Systems and Evolving Multiagent Simulations
107FS Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution
110 Information, Society & Culture: Bass Connections Gateway.
149S Computer Science Education Research Seminar.
190 Topics in Computer Science.
190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Computer Science
190FS Focus Program: Topics in Computer Science
190S Topics in Computer Science.
201 Data Structures and Algorithms.
216 Everything Data
220 Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis
223 Computational Microeconomics
224 Introduction to Computer Modeling
230 Discrete Math for Computer Science
249 Computer Science Education Research
250D Computer Architecture
260 Introduction to Computational Genomics
270 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
281K Computational Photography
282K Numerical Methods for Engineering Design and Optimization
288 Logic and Its Applications
290 Topics in Computer Science
290A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Computer Science
290S Topics in Computer Science
308 Software Design and Implementation
309S Problem Solving Seminar.
310 Introduction to Operating Systems
316 Introduction to Database Systems
330 Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms
334 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
342S Technical and Social Analysis of Information and the Internet
344 Computer Graphics
350L Digital Systems
356 Computer Network Architecture
390 Topics in Computer Science
391 Independent Study
393 Research Independent Study
394 Research Independent Study
408 Delivering Software: From Concept to Client
434 Topology with Applications
445 Introduction to High Dimensional Data Analysis
510 Operating Systems
512 Distributed Information Systems
514 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
515 Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing.
516 Database Systems
520 Numerical Analysis
524 Nonlinear Dynamics
527 Introduction to Computer Vision
528 Introduction to Computational Science
531 Introduction to Algorithms
532 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
534 Computational Complexity
550 Advanced Computer Architecture I
553 Compiler Construction
554 Fault-Tolerant and Testable Computer Systems
555 Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers
561 Computational Sequence Biology
570 Artificial Intelligence
571D Machine Learning
579 Statistical Data Mining
590 Advanced Topics in Computer Science
630 Randomized Algorithms
632 Approximation Algorithms
634 Geometric Algorithms
636 Computational Topology
650 Advanced Computer Architecture II
662 Computational Systems Biology
663 Algorithms in Structural Biology and Biophysics
664 Computational Structural Biology
673S Computer Models and the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
701S Introduction for Graduate Students in Computer Science
724 Advanced Topics in Nonlinear and Complex Systems
791 Internship