Qualifying Exam Syllabus for COMPSCI 510: Operating Systems

Exam is Closed Book

Concurrency: synchronization primitives (e.g., atomic test&set, locks, condition variables, semaphores), thread management (e.g., private state, context switching, integration of threads and synchronization primitives), scheduling (e.g., deadlock)

Memory: virtual memory, page tables, eviction algorithms, protection (e.g., address spaces, kernel/user mode)

Storage: files, transactions

Networking: DNS, TCP/IP, ARP, sockets

Distributed systems: logical clocks, RPC Security: symmetric/asymmetric cryptography, authentication, authorization, access control, capabilities, trust

References: Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction By Jerome H. Saltzer, M. Frans Kaashoek.

Sample Exams:

• Spring 2018
• Spring 2016
• Spring 2015

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