Qualifying Exam Syllabus for COMPSCI 570: Artificial Intelligence

Exam is Closed Book

COMPSCI 570: Qualifying Exam Syllabus

Topics Covered for Algorithms and Representations for Artificial Intelligence:

  • Search
    • Uninformed search
    • Informed search
    • Constraint Satisfaction
  • Game Playing
    • Minimax
    • alpha-beta search
    • Introduction to game theory
  • Logic and Knowledge Representation
    • Propositional logic
    • First order logic
    • Theorem Proving
  • Reasoning under uncertainty
    • Probability
    • Bayes nets
    • Hidden Markov models and tracking
  • Planning
    • Classical planning
    • Decision theory
    • Stochastic planning (MDPs)

Prerequisites for COMPSCI 570 (provided for reference):

  • Programming skills: You should be able to write and debug programs in C, C++, or Java without drama and without handholding
  • Ability to do short proofs
  • Facility with core computer science concepts:
    • Computational complexity
    • Analysis of algorithms
  • Facility with mathematics concepts:
    • Some calculus
    • Basic Probability and statistics helpful but not required


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