Introducing the New Duke CS Logo

We have a new logo!

With a goal of refreshing the department's look, Duke CS ran a contest during 2022 for a new CS logo design. We sought to incorporate a unique symbol or seal into the official, branded Duke University department wordmark, which we have used for the past two years. With many entries from current and former Duke CS faculty, staff, and students, there was great enthusiasm and excellent participation. The process was challenging, as there were many worthy contenders. Thanks to the Duke CS Logo Design Committee for all of their ongoing efforts.

The Winner

The winning entry in our new CS logo contest combines the shape of an open laptop and pixel effects – representing the basic unit in a computer image – to form the computer science "CS" initials, visible on the right side of the icon when closely examined. Vincentius Martin, Duke CS PhD '22 described his concept of the new logo to his wife, Ventina, who created the actual design.

The icon resembles a bracket key pointing left like the computer programming symbol, while the logo's surface pattern is similar to a QR code. This is not a static image, but rather a dynamic one evoking a sense of motion, similar to the Duke CS department: active, in-motion, and moving in a clear direction while constantly striving for improvement and growth.

Duke Computer Science

This new logo embodies characteristics needed in a new icon to symbolize the department:

  • It distinctly represents Duke CS
  • Works well in a variety of contexts (e.g., in letterhead, on tshirts, digitally, etc.)
  • Scalable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Appropriately professional
  • Harmonizes visually with the Duke branded wordmark

Logo History and Evolution

Some of you might remember that Duke CS previously used a shield emblem logo:
Previous CS logo shield image

More recently, we've simply used the official Duke-branded departmental wordmark:

Previous CS logo wordmark

Our new logo combines an innovative icon containing pixel effects that recall aspects of the shield logo with the official wordmark that is consistent with Duke's branding standards.