CS Cashes in Big in new NSF Initiative

September 1, 2000

The National Science Foundation has announced the first grants issued under the new $90 million national information technology research initiative (ITR). These will include some $10 million for 5 awards to Duke Computer Science.

The largest is a five-year, $7.2 million award to Herbert Edelsbrunner and Pankaj Agarwal of CS and Home Hellinga of Biochemistry for a bioinformatics project to develop software and other tools that will help biologists determine the geometric shapes of the 100,000 human proteins. The geometric information will complement the DNA sequence information being generated by the Human Genome Project, providing a shortcut to understanding the detailed functions of proteins.

A $2 million award goes to John Reif for DNA computation research. Three other awards made under the ITR program include: Jeff Vitter and Jeff Chase, for new storage models incorporating computation into storage devices; Carla Ellis, Alvin Lebeck, and Amin Vahdat, for increasing battery life for mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones; and Amin Vahdat to explore fast and highly available Internet content delivery.

Congratulations to all PI's!