Undergraduate Awards Presented

May 14, 2007

The Department extends congratulations to our recently-graduated Undergraduate Student Award winners:

Alex Vasilos Memorial Awards
Tiffany Chen
For her superb work in support of the undergraduate program in computer science at all levels and for her excellent work crossing interdisciplinary boundaries in biology and computer science.

Katherine Elizabeth Trushkowsky
For her excellent work in computer science courses culminating with a project for which she is awarded her degree with high distinction and for the joy and appreciation for computer science that she brings to her work.

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award
Benjamin Ross Wolf

In recognition of his overall excellence and leadership.

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Projects

Graduation with High Distinction
Daniel Dimitrios Fridrich

Advisor: Xiaobai Sun
A GPU Implementation of Q-less QR Matrix Factorization

Katherine Elizabeth Trushkowsky
Advisor: Jeffrey R. N. Forbes
CoBib: An Architecture for a Collaborative Bibliographic Database

Graduation with Distinction
Tyler Johnson Brock

Advisor: Jun Yang
Ranking Tool for the Amboseli Baboon Research Project

Tiffany Chen
Advisor: H Frederik Nijhout
A Compartment Model for the Transport and Storage of Folate

Patrick Paczkowski
Advisor: Terrence Furey
Analyzing the Relationship Between Z-DNA and Replication Timing in the Human Genome