CS Faculty Vahdat and Kedem Receive NCNI Grants

June 1, 2000

The North Carolina Networking Initiative[1] (NCNI), an advanced networking community recognized nationally through its involvement with advanced networking technologies and research endeavors, including Internet2 and Abilene, has announced that Gershon Kedem and Amin Vahdat are among this year's Graduate Fellowship Program award recipients.

The NCNI Fellowship Program was established to foster the development of next-generation applications to deploy into its high-speed network. Now in its third year, the program provides annual grants of $20,000 to faculty and students at Triangle-area universities whose research is designed to create applications that use next-generation networks to create middleware to support further application development.

Network security is a thread common to the work of both CS fellowship winners. Amin Vahdat's work proposes to design, deploy, and evaluate a security infrastructure supporting the location-independent execution of mobile code across multiple administrative domains. Mobile code provides a number of compelling benefits for Internet applications, including increased network efficiency, application performance, and transparent load balancing.

Gershon Kedem's project proposes a new File Access Control (FAC) paradigm for the new network environment. The project utilizes cryptography and cryptographic protocols to design and build the file access control. The major goal is to provide secure file access, anywhere anytime, and facilitate secure information sharing which will effectively limit intruders' ability to gain unauthorized access to information while maintaining simplicity and convenience of global file access.

NCNI is composed of Duke University, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MCNC, Aprisma Management Technologies, Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, Litton Access Network Systems, and Nortel Networks. Reports Alan Blatecky, NCNI Executive Director, "The NCNI Fellowship Program is unique because it focuses the efforts of graduate students on helping develop useful applications of leading-edge technologies. Too often, advanced technology is sought as a goal in itself; the NCNI Fellowship program links Graduate students with campus faculty to develop near-term applications and projects, which also often results in early deployment."

Other Triangle-area fellowship award recipients include Greg Byrd, John Mackenzie and Mladen Vouk from North Carolina State University; Carl Ernst and Kevin Jeffay from UNC-Chapel Hill. Partial support was awarded to J.S. Marron and R.L. Smith from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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