Summer Undergraduate Enrichment Experiences 2014

June 20, 2014

Summer undergrad researchers 2014

This summer Computer Science once again hosts undergraduate researchers, providing the students with unique research opportunities and with encouragement to continue on to graduate school.

Mostly juniors and seniors, the undergraduates meet for a weekly series of lunchtime talks where they have the opportunity to hear faculty present their research and graduate students share different aspects of the roles they play in the department.

The 2014 group is one of the largest in recent years and is working for faculty on a wide variety of projects:

Michael Arcidiacono
Advisor: Shivnath Babu Project: Multitenancy for Big Data (NoSQL) Systems

Victor Mingru Bai
Advisor: Bruce Maggs Project: Massive Data Approach to Geolocation

Ayana Burkins
Advisor: Regis Kopper Project: Wayfinding by Sound in Virtual Environments

William Chang
Advisor: Benjamin Lee Project: Data Center Systems/Mobile Systems

Katharine Cummings
Advisor: Owen Astrachan Project: Blown to Bits 2.0

Christopher Dee
Advisor: Alvin Lebeck Project: Cohort Cores

Mike Gloudemans
Advisor: Alex Hartemink Project: Modeling Chromatin Architecture

John Godbey
Advisor: Susan Rodger Project: Expanding User Interfaces in JFLAP version 8

Yossra Hamid
Advisor: Susan Rodger Project: Incorporating Computing to Middle School Math Using Alice

Samantha Huerta
Advisor: Susan Rodger Project: Mathematical Integration of Alice Programming

Tanaka Jimha
Advisor: Theophilus Benson Project: Distance-based, Executive-style Degree Completion Program for Ghanaian Nurse Anesthetists

Niel Lebeck
Advisor: Pankaj Agarwal Project: Computing Highly Occluded Paths on a Terrain

Seung Hyun Lee
Advisor: Kamesh Munagala Project: Comparing Performance of MapReduce Algorithms

Abigail Lin Advisor:
Alex Hartemink Project: Integrating Biological Mechanisms into a Machine-learning Framework to Predict Gene Expression from Promoter Sequences

Aohui "Lawrence" Lin
Advisor: Susan Rodger Project: Expanding User Interfaces in JFLAP Version 8

Kyle Moran
Advisor: Alex Hartemink Project: Cooperative Machine-Human Annotation of Cellular Microscopy Images

Aleis Murphy
Advisor: Susan Rodger Project: Early Exposure of Middle School Girls to Computer Science

Hunter Nisonoff Advisor: Bruce Donald Project: Computational Design of Monomeric Protein to Mimic HIV-1 Envelope Membrane External Proximal Region Trimer

Kannan Raju Advisor: Robert Duvall Project: Gamification of Programming

Hun Jae Ro
Advisor: Theophilus Benson Project: Distance-based, Executive- style Degree Completion Program for Ghanaian Nurse Anesthetist

Nikhil Roy
Advisor: Shivnath Babu Project: Thot: Towards Managing a Multi-System Cluster

Alex Song
Advisor: Jun Yang Project: Towards Computational Fact Checking

Nina Sun
Advisor: Bruce Donald Project: Computational Design of Protein for Carbon Nanotube Electrode

François Thelot
Advisor: Bruce Donald Project: NMR Protein Structure Determination from RDC Measurements

William Victor
Advisor: Pankaj Agarwal Project: Large-scale Terrain Analysis Algorithms

Ellen Yuan
Advisor: Susan Rodger Project: Integrating Alice Programming into Middle School Disciplines

Henian (Mike) Zhu
Advisor: John Reif Project: DNA Nanotechnology for Biomolecular Computing

Yiran (Jo) Zhu
Advisor: Alex Hartemink Project: Predicting Transcription Factor Occupancy from DNase Data