Grad Student Awards 2013-14

September 26, 2014

Recipients of grad student awards

Above: Yuqian Li, Rupert Freeman, Jeff Martin, Chair Ron Parr, and Jiangwei Pan

Graduate student awards for 2013-4 were presented at the annual departmental meeting. Congratulations to the recipients:

Outstanding PhD Award

  • Jeff Martin
    Advisor: Bruce Donald
    Geometric Algorithms for Protein Structure Determination using Measurements from NMR Spectroscopy

Outstanding Prelim Award

  • Yuqian Li
    Advisor: Vince Conitzer
    Computing How to Optimally Commit in Games and Mechanisms
  • Jiangwei Pan
    Advisor: Pankaj Agarwal
    Algorithms for Geometric Covering and Clustering

Outstanding RIP Award

  • Xi He
    Advisor: Ashwin Machanavajjhala
    DPMATS: Differentially Private Markovian Trace Synthesis

Outstanding TA Award

  • Ben Burchfiel
    Compsci 92, with Owen Astrachan
  • Rupert Freeman
    Compsci 230, with Bruce Donald