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RJR Nabisco Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Mathematics, Bass Fellow, Faculty Network Member of The Energy Initiative

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pankaj at cs.duke.edu
(919) 660-6540
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Ph.D., Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 1989
M.S., University of California-Santa Barbara, 1986
B.E., IIT Roorke, 1982

Honors & Awards

ACM Fellow, 2002
Bass Society of Fellows, 2000
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 1996
National Young Investigator, 1993


Computational and combinatorial geometry, massive data processing, geographic information systems, ecological modeling, computational molecular biology, robotics.

Selected Publications
  • "Flood Risk Analysis on Terrains" with M. Rav, A. Lowe, ACM Trans. Spatial Algorithms and Systems 5(1): 2:1-2:31 (2019)
  • "An Efficient Algorithm for Generalized Polynomial Partitioning and Its Applications" with B. Aronov, E. Ezra, and J. Zahl, Proc. Intl Sympos. Comput. Geom. 2019: 5:1-5:14
  • "An Efficient Algorithm for Computing High-Quality Paths amid Polygonal Obstacles," ACM Trans. Algorithms 14(4): 46:1-46:21 (2018)
  • "Subtrajectory Clustering: Models and Algorithms" with K. Fox, K. Munagala, A. Nath, J. Pan, E. Taylor, Proc. ACM Sympos. Principles Database Systems, 2018: 75-87
  • "Computational Fact Checking through Query Perturbations" with Y. Wu, C. Li, J. Yang, C. Yu, ACM Trans. Database Syst. 42(1): 4:1-4:41 (2017)
  • "Markov-modulated Marked Poisson Processes for Check-in Data" with J. Pan, V. Rao, A. E. Gelfand, Proc. Int Conf. Machine Learning, 2016: 2244-2253
Extended List of Publications

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