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Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Computer Science, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Computer Science

Faculty Area:
Computer science education, Education at scale
ksm at cs.duke.edu
(919) 660-6581
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Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2017
M.S., University of California, Berkeley, 2013
B.S., University of Maryland, College Park, 2009

Selected Publications
  • "Giving hints is complicated: understanding the challenges of an automated hint system based on frequent wrong answers," Kristin Stephens-Martinez, Armando Fox, 2018/7/2, Conference Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, Pages 45-50
  • "Taking Advantage of Scale by Analyzing Frequent Constructed-Response, Code Tracing Wrong Answers," Kristin Stephens-Martinez, An Ju, Krishna Parashar, Regina Ongowarsito, Nikunj Jain, Sreesha Venkat, Armando Fox, 2017/8/14, Conference Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research, Pages 56-64
  • "Monitoring MOOCs: Which information sources do instructors value?," Kristin Stephens-Martinez, Marti A Hearst, Armando Fox, 2014/3/4, Conference Proceedings of the first ACM conference on Learning @ Scale conference, Pages 79-88