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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Duke University; Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Yale University.

f.zhang at yale.edu
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Ph.D., Cornell University, 2020
B.S., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2014


My research interests center on the security and privacy of decentralized systems, especially those enabled by blockchain protocols and trusted execution environments.

Selected Publications
  • Fan Zhang, Deepak Maram, Harjasleen Malvai, Steven Goldfeder, and Ari Juels. “DECO: Liberating Web Data Using Decentralized Oracles for TLS”. In ACM CCS 2020.
  • Mahimna Kelkar,Fan Zhang, Steven Goldfeder, and Ari Juels. “Order-Fairness for Byzantine Consensus”. In CRYPTO 2020.
  • Deepak Maram*, Fan Zhang*, Lun Wang, Andrew Low, Yupeng Zhang, Ari Juels, and Dawn Song. “CHURP: Dynamic-Committee Proactive Secret Sharing”. In ACM CCS 2019. (*equal contribution)
  • Fan Zhang, Philip Daian, Iddo Bentov, Ian Miers, and Ari Juels. “Paralysis Proofs: Secure Dynamic Access Structures for Cryptocurrency Custody and More”, In ACM AFT 2019.
  • Fan Zhang, Iay Eyal, Robert Escriva, Ari Juels, and Robbert van Renesse. “REM: Resource-Efficient Mining for Blockchains”. In USENIX Security 2017.
  • Fan Zhang, Ethan Cecchei, Kyle Croman, Ari Juels, and Elaine Shi. “Town Crier: An Authenticated Data Feed for Smart Contracts” In ACM CCS 2016.