BS Concentration in Data Science

This concentration in data science is intended for COMPSCI majors interested in studying data science in depth, with a distinctively computational focus. If you are interested in data science but not necessarily in becoming a COMPSCI major, there are other options that are less concerned with the lower-level computational aspects:

The following prerequisite is needed in addition to those for the BS degree:

  • Probability: STA 230, STA 231, STA 240

The two MATH/STA courses required by the BS degree must be drawn from below (one from each bullet):

  • Linear Algebra: MATH 218 or MATH 221
  • Statistics: STA 250*, STA 360**, STA 432, or MATH 342

*ECE 450 is an approved substitution for STA 250

** You cannot use STA 360 as an elective if you are using it as the requirement here.

Three courses must be drawn from below, one from each bullet:

  • COMPSCI 216 (Everything Data)
  • COMPSCI 371 (Elements of Machine Learning), 370* (Intro. Artificial Intelligence), 570 (Artificial Intelligence), 571 (Probabilistic Machine Learning) or 671* (Machine Learning)
    • *Note: 370 was renumbered from 270 in Fall 2019, and 671 from 571 in Spring 2019.
  • COMPSCI 316 (Intro. to Databases) or 516 (Database Systems)

Two additional courses must be drawn from either the above list or the list below. Note that three out of the five electives for the BS major must be CompSci courses.

  • STA 325 (Machine Learning and Data Mining)
  • STA 360 (Bayesian Inference) - You cannot count STA 360 as an elective if you are using it for the Stats requirement above
  • COMPSCI 260 (Computational Genomics)
  • COMPSCI 290 (Algorithms in the Real World)
  • COMPSCI 474 (Data Science Competition)
  • COMPSCI 527 (Computer Vision)
  • COMPSCI 590 (Topics) on following subjects (some may not be offered regularly):
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science 
    • Focus on SARS-Cov-2 and COVID-19 (CBB 590.01) - Spring 2021


  • You cannot count both 370 and 570 towards the five courses. 
  • You cannot count both 316 and 516 towards the five courses.
  • In rare circumstances a CompSci Independent Study can be used in place of one of the courses listed here. The student completing the IS and the CS professor supervising the IS must write 250-500 words explaining which course is being replaced and how the IS is substituting for the course. Both must sign the explanation. The DUS will then make a determination as to whether the IS will count.