BS Concentration in Software Systems

For this concentration, you must take 5 courses from the list below, with at most one course from each bullet. The course you take for the Systems requirement can count as one of the five courses. For example, if you took 316 for the Systems requirement, you would take four additional courses to complete the concentration, e.g. 307, 356, 408, 510.

  • COMPSCI 307 (Software Design and Implementation) or 308 (Advanced Software Design and Implementation) or 290 Mobile Software Design (last taught Spring 2018) or 290 Web Application Development (Spring 2018, Spring 2021)
  • COMPSCI 310 (Introduction to Operating Systems) or 510 (Advanced Operating Systems)
  • COMPSCI 316 (Introduction to Databases) or 516 (Database Systems)
  • CompSci 350 (Digital Systems) or CompSci 550 (Advanced Computer Architecture)
  • COMPSCI 351 (Computer Security) or 551 (Advanced Computer Security) or CS 290/590 Security equivalent or ECE 590 Computer and Info Security
  • COMPSCI 356 (Computer Network Architecture) or 514 (Computer Networks)
  • COMPSCI 408 (Delivering Software)
  • COMPSCI 512 (Distributed Systems)
  • COMPSCI 553 (Compiler Construction), cross-listed as ECE 553

Independent Study cannot be used as a course for this concentration.