Program Description

If you are an undergraduate student who wishes to pursue research with a faculty member in Computer Science, you can apply to become a Computer Science Undergraduate Research Fellow (C-SURF). The designation as a C-SURFer reflects your connection to the process of inquiry and discovery in Computer Science at Duke.

C-SURF Fellows typically do research for course credit, and sometimes participate in a paid research experience during the academic year and/or summer.

By recognizing and encouraging undergraduates to pursue research in computer science, we intend to

  • Foster a community of researchers including undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty

  • Increase the number of women and minorities participating in undergraduate research

  • Encourage students to pursue Graduation with Distinction as well as future graduate studies in computer science


Aspiring Computer Science Undergraduate Research Fellows should contact a member of the Computer Science faculty and express interest in research. The Computer Science Department also holds periodic information sessions to showcase research projects and opportunities. The exact format and extent of student involvement in research vary across research groups and also depend on student interest and availability. Typically, students will be mentored on research projects as part of a team of faculty, graduate students, and other undergraduate researchers. Computer Science faculty also collaborate extensively on interdisciplinary projects with research groups throughout Duke, and you may be part of these interactions.

Students in the C-SURF program have a faculty mentor and oftentimes an additional graduate student mentor as part of their research team. Depending on the scope of the research project, advising may include opportunities for collaborative research with faculty in other disciplines. We intend to leverage existing interdisciplinary collaborations with research groups throughout the university.

To learn about the research projects and post-graduation activities of former C-SURF students, please visit the C-SURF alumni page.


Once you have contacted a faculty member and he or she has agreed to involve you in research, please complete the application form.

Apply Here


Questions about the program may be directed to:

  • Camelia Eaves, Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, (919-660-6534), revp at cs.duke.edu, or

  • Jeff Forbes, Associate Professor of the Practice, (919-660-6550), forbes at cs.duke.edu, or

  • Jun Yang, Professor and Associate Chair, (919-660-6587), junyang at cs.duke.edu